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Tre Styles by NeoNimbus526 Tre Styles :iconneonimbus526:NeoNimbus526 17 32 GIft: Mark W. Parkman by NeoNimbus526 GIft: Mark W. Parkman :iconneonimbus526:NeoNimbus526 14 28 Patt Bucket by NeoNimbus526 Patt Bucket :iconneonimbus526:NeoNimbus526 22 44 Gift: Joshua And Masami by NeoNimbus526 Gift: Joshua And Masami :iconneonimbus526:NeoNimbus526 19 26 Hoodie by NeoNimbus526 Hoodie :iconneonimbus526:NeoNimbus526 19 23 Gift: Courier by NeoNimbus526 Gift: Courier :iconneonimbus526:NeoNimbus526 13 26 Peter Vulcan by NeoNimbus526 Peter Vulcan :iconneonimbus526:NeoNimbus526 16 16 Dawn Everyday by NeoNimbus526 Dawn Everyday :iconneonimbus526:NeoNimbus526 24 43 Gift: Bugs Bunny by NeoNimbus526 Gift: Bugs Bunny :iconneonimbus526:NeoNimbus526 30 35 Kristen Nine by NeoNimbus526 Kristen Nine :iconneonimbus526:NeoNimbus526 21 25 Carl Remnant by NeoNimbus526 Carl Remnant :iconneonimbus526:NeoNimbus526 22 61 Redesign: Scum by NeoNimbus526 Redesign: Scum :iconneonimbus526:NeoNimbus526 17 19 Terror by NeoNimbus526 Terror :iconneonimbus526:NeoNimbus526 18 39 Gilbert Thimble And Liza Claw by NeoNimbus526 Gilbert Thimble And Liza Claw :iconneonimbus526:NeoNimbus526 20 35 Gift: Chan by NeoNimbus526 Gift: Chan :iconneonimbus526:NeoNimbus526 22 32 Tricky by NeoNimbus526 Tricky :iconneonimbus526:NeoNimbus526 22 43


Invader Sparkles by JJSponge120 Invader Sparkles :iconjjsponge120:JJSponge120 11 1 Collab Project by JJSponge120 Collab Project :iconjjsponge120:JJSponge120 13 0 Haircut Havoc 2: The Revenge by JJSponge120 Haircut Havoc 2: The Revenge :iconjjsponge120:JJSponge120 9 0 Jefy (OC REFERENCE) by blueiceegirlart Jefy (OC REFERENCE) :iconblueiceegirlart:blueiceegirlart 8 6 Master Lite (UNIKITTY OC) by blueiceegirlart Master Lite (UNIKITTY OC) :iconblueiceegirlart:blueiceegirlart 6 5 Master Tech (UNIKITTY OC) by blueiceegirlart Master Tech (UNIKITTY OC) :iconblueiceegirlart:blueiceegirlart 8 6 eFFING SKITTLES by Crysta-Lynx eFFING SKITTLES :iconcrysta-lynx:Crysta-Lynx 8 10
Crossover Catastrophe Ch. 1 Hitchhiking Radio
Crossover Catastrophe
A rebooted special story by Lampi01
Notice: The Brave Little Toaster and its characters belong to Mr Jerry Rees. This is a reboot of the first special story involving Blue Raspberry Ametrine's Didi from 'Single Radios Near You,' Lostinawhisper's Executor the Magnet, Sweetie the Crane, and Elizabeth from 'The Magnets Mistress,' and my dorks from 'B-Gone, Intruders!' Huge thanks to these awesome writers and their support! Enjoy the story in good health… While you still can. Heheheh!
Chapter 1: Hitchhiking Radio
On the far side of town past an old forest, a truck with the words 'Lizzy's Wondrous Creations' painted on the side was driving towards what once was a city dump. As the truckers parked near the entrance for a lunch break, a silver radio hopped out of the back, falling flat on the ground. She stood up and brushed off the dirt from her two grey speakers with her long antenna on her right side. She was a small, rectangular silver radio, twentieth century
:iconlampi01:Lampi01 6 1
Pantsless Elmer Fudd by CaptainEdwardTeague Pantsless Elmer Fudd :iconcaptainedwardteague:CaptainEdwardTeague 40 6 James (Demi-god) by An-awsome-Doofus James (Demi-god) :iconan-awsome-doofus:An-awsome-Doofus 6 0 Son (blue god) by An-awsome-Doofus Son (blue god) :iconan-awsome-doofus:An-awsome-Doofus 7 0 Peace and Love on the Planet Earth by JJSponge120 Peace and Love on the Planet Earth :iconjjsponge120:JJSponge120 15 1 Stanley and Stella in: Breaking the Ice by JJSponge120 Stanley and Stella in: Breaking the Ice :iconjjsponge120:JJSponge120 10 1 QA Session - Tiarnan by JJSponge120 QA Session - Tiarnan :iconjjsponge120:JJSponge120 11 0 Delivery Accident! by DBToonPhenomenal Delivery Accident! :icondbtoonphenomenal:DBToonPhenomenal 11 2 Ella (Alternate Outfit)  by teenrex7 Ella (Alternate Outfit) :iconteenrex7:teenrex7 6 1


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Tre Styles
Meet Tre Styles, a typical teenager living in the town of Relic, bored of the mundane lifestyle around his hometown and preferring to have some fun while he's at it, unaware of what kind of experience he and the rest of the townsfolk will experience. Here is his profile:

Name: Tre Styles

Age: 17
Gender: Male
Family: ???
Personality: Laidback, playful and mischievous but courageous, friendly and loyal
Appearance: He is slightly shorter than Carl, has a partially shaved blue hair, with a dark blue mohawk, wears a dark blue jacket with black collars and cuffs, blue long shorts and blue and black sneakers.
Weapon: Glide-A hoverboard that acts as Tre's mode of transportation whenever he needs to go around Relic, but when he gets into a fight, though, it can also act as an offense weapon, allowing him to briefly protect him from a few hits and in turn, allowing Tre to swing Glide around with a slow but powerful strike. 
Description: Like any teenagers living in a small town, Tre Styles yearns to get away from his mundane life and experience some form of excitements to enjoy, but in a place like Relic, that was easier said than done. But when Relic gets cut off without warning, though, Tre gets more than he bargains for and force to grow up a bit quicker in his newfound, dark situation.

Tre Styles & Remnant © me
GIft: Mark W. Parkman
Another birthday gift this month and this one goes to :icondemarlion:, featuring another of his OC, Mark W. Parkman, a criminal type around Elmore. Tried my best to get his character design as best as possible, but hopefully he enjoys this one whenever he gets the chance.

Mark W. Parkman © :icondemarlion:
The Amazing World of Gumball © Cartoon Network & Ben Bocquelet
Patt Bucket
Up next on the supporting cast list for Remnant is Patt Bucket, a nervous wreck and paranoid local who suspects all the wrongs around the world and tries his best to prepare himself for the inevitable. Here is a bit more on his background:

Name: Patt Bucket
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Family: ???
Personality: Eccentric, weird and talkative but paranoid, weary and suspicious
Appearance: He is slightly taller than Carl, has green hair and pale aquamarine skin tone, wears a bucket hat that obscures his eyes, a dark grey vest over a white shirt with green vertical stripes, olive green shorts, knee socks and green sneakers.
Description: Owner of the Bucket, a local bar pub of Relic, Patt Bucket doesn't mind the company of the many locals who comes by at his place for a drink or two, mainly wanting to chat with them of the many conspiracies and tall tales that he has discover. Most of the locals, however, often brush Patt's theories as outlandish at best and crazy as worst, but Patt never holds a grudge on anyone who dismiss him, as he still have their well beings in consideration, despite being labeled as a weirdo by many.

Part Bucket & Remnant © me
Gift: Joshua And Masami
Another birthday gift this week and this one's for :iconthe-double-u:, featuring his OC Joshua Brown and Masami Yoshida together and I have to say, they sure are sweet together. Hope he has a wonderful and fantastic birthday today. :D

Joshua Brown © :iconthe-double-u:
Masami Yoshida & The Amazing World of Gumball © Cartoon Network & Ben Bocquelet
Just have the chance to check out God of War (2018) today and I have to say, after two years of waiting, it's definitely worth it. The gameplay is quite different, but it's a great change for the franchise, Kratos certainly has improved in the personality department and Atreus inclusion is also a nice addition, as it helps humanize the former bloodthirsty Spartan.

Overall, one of the best games this year so far and deserves the 10 rating IGN gave the game. That and it's proof that single player games aren't going anywhere anytime soon. :D
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Here's another new trailer for the upcoming sequel to The Incredibles and looks like another hit from Pixar as well:


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Finn: I don't think there's anything to nab. He just zaps people with his power.
Jake: We need some other options.
Rainbow Peppermint: I'm afraid there is nothing else.
Simon (clears his throat): There may be something...
Jake: Let's hear it.
Simon: I don't think you want to go with this plan.
Finn: Can you at least run it by me?
Simon: In the basement I have a certain... failed experiment sleeping. But this experiment has magic and he may help us, if he is agreeable.
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*Rosanna nodded, and began to give a tour of New York City to Axel.*
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Axel: Go ahead.
NeoNimbus526 Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Good to hear.
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Simon: And that's how it happened.
Rainbow Peppermint: And ever since then, we're trying to undo the damages he's creating.
Finn: You still haven't figure it out?
Simon: I only solved half the problem. I need you two to solve the other half.
Jake (curious): How do we do that?
Simon: By getting close to Lemongrab and nab one of his spells.
Jake (shocked): Are you globbing serious?!
Simon: There's no other way.
Rainbow Peppermint: Please, Jake, do it for me and the rest of the Candy Kingdom.
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